Pablo Pt. 8: Pastor Caleb Moran: Turn Around

Go Out Where It Is Deeper
Luke 5:1-9 (NLT)
Jesus may meet you where you are at, but He will always ask you to go deeper than where you are.
What’s Your Pulpit?
Luke 5:3-7 (MSG)
What do you have that can be used as a pulpit for Jesus?
God has made it to where His advancement on earth is tied to our cooperation.
God doesn’t need us, He chooses us.
Dr. Lilian B. Yeomans said,
  “God has tied Himself irrevocably to human cooperation in the execution of divine purposes. He has made man’s faith a determining factor in the work of redemption.”
Never lower your expectation because of your desperation.
If you want bigger, you will have to go deeper.
Turn Around
When you partner with God- allowing Him to use your resources as a pulpit to amplify His voice- He will redirect ample provision to your location.
If we can aid in helping spread the Gospel, God will fill our boats to overflowing.
Partnership is adding value back to the thing that is adding value to you.
We must leave the shallow waters of low expectation, and launch out into the deep waters of faith.

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