Pablo Pt. 1: By God Through a Friend

Acts 9:8-20 (KJV)
Jesus left Paul blind. Why? He wanted him to see that you need Jesus in your life, but you also need people who love Jesus in your life in order to fulfill the plan in your life in order to fulfill the plan God has for your life.
A friend
Could it be that the vast majority of the healing that takes place in your life comes BY God THROUGH a friend?
The thing that makes friendships great is the same thing that makes them dangerous. You drop your guard. Acceptance leads to influence.
Warning Signs:
When you say “I’ll listen to that, I’ll go to that, I’ll watch that, but I’m not going to participate in that.”
When you hope that people you respect the most don’t find out where you’ve been, what they’ve said or who you’ve been with.
When you catch yourself lowering your standards to gain approval by them.
When something that was off limits before, suddenly become an option.
When you see they are not moving in the same direction as you and they don’t desire to.
They love Jesus
You can talk about Jesus with them.

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